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Aiken Lao is a Canadian illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated with a commerce degree from the University of British Columbia, specializing in marketing. 
Today, Aiken combines her knowledge in business marketing and creative talents to work as a studio manager for Chairman Ting Industries Inc. and Hubert Kang Photography. She has worked with companies like United Way, CBC Radio, and the National Film Board to create designs and illustrations that connect, interact, and elevate stories for viewers. Aiken's art is inspired by ideas–culture, politics, and stories from history and current times mixed with cohesive colours and forms.
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The University of British Columbia
Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Marketing (Hons) 2019
Canadian University Press 
Design and Illustration / Cover of the Year Finalist 2017, Cover of the Year Winner 2016, Best Illustration Finalist 2016
Applied Arts
Project Manager / Packaging Illustration Single 2020, Corporate Illustration Series 2020, Corporate Illustration Single 2019, Corporate Illustration Series 2019
Interior Design Institute of BC
Project Manager / Award of Excellence 2019
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