How do you pronounce my name?
It rhymes with bacon.
Hello! My name is Aiken. I currently work as a designer and illustrator based in Calgary, Canada. 
I like to draw my inspiration from the joy, chaos, and history of all things around me. Outside of work, I like to bake and spend time with my dog and partner.
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The University of British Columbia
Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Marketing (Honours) 2019
Awards and Exhibitions


3x3 International Illustration Show No.18
Merit Award 2021
The Webby Awards
Social Content Series & Campaigns Diversity & Inclusion (Honoree) 2021
Glenbow Museum
Project Projekt Exhibition 2021

Canadian University Press 
Cover of the Year Finalist 2017
Cover of the Year Winner 2016
Best Illustration Finalist 2016

Communication Arts
Illustration Shortlisted 2020
Applied Arts
Advertising Point-Of-Purchase Single 2020
Packaging Illustration Single 2020
Corporate Illustration Series 2020

Corporate Illustration Single 2019
Corporate Illustration Series 2019
Interior Design Institute of BC
Award of Excellence 2019
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