Savon Du Bois is a small shop located in Picton, Ontario that specializes in premium cosmetics, skincare, and home goods. 
All scents are distilled and blended by their certified aromatherapist, perfumer, and founder Anne Du Bois with local ingredients. For our new branding project, we wanted to take customers on a journey through her fragrances by distilling "memories" into each of her scents–a stroll through the forest, a day by the beach, a secret meet-up with a lover, or a trip to the French countryside.
Creative Director Aiken Lao
Producer Samuel Du Bois
Designer Aiken Lao
Copywriter Samuel Du Bois, Bennett Boyd Anderson III
Photographer Christopher Gentile
Prop Stylist Ruth Gangbar
Printing Company Hemlock Printers
Client Savon Du Bois
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