In room 2208 of the UBC Student Building lies the desks of 11 students who eat, work, and sleep at their tables at all hours of the day and night. In the darkest hours, the resident mouse scampers around the pipes.
This is The Ubyssey, The University of British Columbia's official award winning student newspaper since 1918, where I've had the privilege to work as design editor for two years. We publish a ~80 page guide at the start of the school year, one print issue a week, and one ~45 magazine sometime during the winter. Samples of our sweat and tears can be found below.
The sex issue is an annual special print that features a specific topic revolving around sex and relationships. For this issue, we picked the topic of intimacy and what it means to students in the university.
Design and Layout / Aiken Lao
Photography / Joshua Medicoff
Written by various contributors.
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