“The only traffic I have is if there is a seal lying over the path, and I have to walk around it.”
Nick Townley is the EcoGuardian on Race Rocks, a small ecological reserve outside of Vancouver Island, B.C. Hundreds of sea lions, along with other animals, spend their winter on this Island. Nick’s mission is to monitor and protect the island and animals. 
Due to the remote nature of the island, Nick spends most of his hours in solitude. However, this solitude does not equate to sadness in his mind. The opportunity has given him a different perspective and allows him to be in tune with the land, sea, sky, and animals.
A few different options for title graphics were explored before we settled on a handwritten type. 
We wanted something that was loose, genuine, and bold. Nick Townley often records his experiences and information in a notebook, which seems unordinary but is rare in an age where digital takes over everything. Our title design is a reference to his notebook, and how being on this island allows one to focus on the solitude, peace, and small joys in life.
Story Subject:  Nick Townley
Director:  Hubert Kang
Producer:  Amy Jones
Director of Photography:  Hamish Hamilton
Photographer:  Hubert Kang
Editor:  Mike Southworth
Graphic Designer:  Aiken Lao
Music Composition:  Mike Southworth, Hilary Grist
Sound Mix & Master:  Mike Southworth
Colourist:  David Tomiak
Special thanks to Eagle Wing ToursPearson College, BC Parks & Solstice Creative.
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